Revision Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery has helped patients the world over successfully fight morbid obesity and attain a slimmer physique. However, some patients experience either unsatisfactory weight loss results or complications from the initial surgery. This is where revisional weight loss surgery can help. Our team here at Town Center Surgery can perform revisional weight loss surgery to help you obtain the results you were originally hoping for, and correct problems or complications from an earlier procedure.

Reasons for Revisional Weight Loss Surgery

The latest weight loss surgery techniques have amazing success rates, with many individuals losing significant amounts of weight and living healthier lifestyles. However, sometimes complications can occur from the initial surgery, or the weight loss results are simply not what the patient was hoping for. Patients may require revisional weight loss surgery from any bariatric surgery procedure. Some of the reasons patients may need revisional weight loss surgery from specific techniques include:

LAP-BAND® System Revisional Weight Loss Surgery

  • Dissatisfaction with weight loss results/li>
  • Difficulty swallowing due to band tightness or looseness
  • Difficulty adjusting to new dietary habits
  • GERD (heartburn)
  • Slippage of the gastric band
  • Erosion of the gastric band
  • Mechanical failure of the band, port, or tubing

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Revisional Weight Loss Surgery

  • Dissatisfaction with weight loss results
  • Chronic vomiting
  • Failure of staple line, potentially leading to leakage of stomach acid
  • Ulcer
  • Hernia

Ultimately, there are a variety of reasons a person may need revisional weight loss surgery. It is very important for patients to seek this procedure from qualified, experienced bariatric surgeons. Patients should also obtain a second opinion, and those who are considering revision surgery because they have not lost the amount of weight they were hoping for should seek advice from a psychologist and dietician before opting for revisional weight loss surgery. Our bariatric surgery program at Town Center Surgery offers guidance from skilled bariatric surgeons, counselors, nutritionists, and other professionals to help patients obtain safe, effective weight loss results.

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