REALIZE® Band Surgery

Similar to the LAP-BAND® System, REALIZE® Band surgery is a procedure designed to create a smaller stomach pouch allowing for lesser food intake in one sitting. The procedure involves no cutting or stapling of the stomach, and is fully reversible and adjustable. With the REALIZE® band, the goal is to lose significant amounts of weight by feeling full earlier than usual. REALIZE® Band patients often lose one to two pounds of weight per week, significantly reducing their chances of developing severe conditions brought on by morbid obesity and improving their lifestyles for the better. At Town Center Surgery, the REALIZE® Band procedure is part of our comprehensive bariatric surgery program, offering a range of support services, aftercare, and assistance through every step of the process. Our bariatric surgeon is a member of the American Society for Bariatric Surgery, and our team includes a variety of counselors and professionals who are committed to assisting you reduce the risk of serious health problems and obtain a slimmer physique. Please feel contact Town Center Surgery Weight Loss to schedule a consultation.

REALIZE® Band Procedure

REALIZE® Band surgery is performed laparoscopically. Our bariatric surgeon will use a small camera and tiny surgical instruments to visualize the surgical field and attach an elastic band around the stomach. The incisions made to perform the procedure are very small, which leads to a quicker recovery period and less visible scarring. The REALIZE® Band is wider than all other adjustable gastric bands in use, which may be even more beneficial in controlling hunger. A small port connected to the REALIZE® Band (underneath the skin and invisible) allows our bariatric surgeon to add or subtract saline – which can either constrict the stomach to allow less food intake, or make it possible for the stomach pouch to contract to hold more food – depending on your needs.

The REALIZE® Band procedure typically takes about 30 minutes to complete under general anesthesia.

REALIZE® Band Recovery

Some level of discomfort can be expected after REALIZE® Band surgery; but this is usually mild and can be alleviated with medication. Most patients are able to return home the day of surgery. Our bariatric surgeon oversees a comprehensive weight loss surgery program here at Town Center Surgery, which includes a variety of Life after Surgery support and assistance with the new lifestyle changes you will need to make after the REALIZE® Band procedure. Routine follow-up appointments will allow our bariatric surgery team to ensure your weight loss is being achieved safely and effectively after the REALIZE® Band has been placed; and the band itself can be adjusted or removed at any time.


Our weight loss surgery team here at Town Center Surgery is committed to helping you lose weight and fight the physical and emotional effects of obesity. The programs offered through our practice are designed to support and assist you through every step of the process – before, during, and after surgery. Our assistance in your safe, successful weight loss does not stop once your procedure is complete. At Town Center Surgery, we are all in this together!

Please contact our REALIZE® Band surgeon to schedule a consultation at Town Center Surgery.

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