Life After Surgery

Just as important as weight loss surgery itself, life after surgery entails a number of new habits you must develop in order to achieve your goals and lose weight safely. Our bariatric surgery team here at Town Center Surgery oversee a comprehensive program tailored to each patient. We offer routine follow-up appointments to ensure you are adjusting well to your new lifestyle and monitor the progress of your weight loss. We also offer procedures to adjust your gastric band at any time after surgery to allow for greater or lesser food intake. Our bariatric surgery program includes support groups and detailed dietary and exercise guides, custom-designed to your specific needs, that will assist you in the weight loss process. The important thing to remember is: every step of the way during your weight loss, you will have help. We are in this together, and our commitment is to assist you in living healthier and looking better than you ever could have imagined!

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Recovery after Surgery

All individuals are different and recovery information will be specific to your own body’s responses and the type of weight loss surgery you undergo. With procedures such as LAP-BAND® Adjustable Gastric Banding and REALIZE™ Band surgery, patients can typically expect to go home the day of surgery. Some mild pain and discomfort can be expected for a few days after the procedure; however, this can be controlled with medication. Specific dietary guidelines will be provided to you after surgery. Weight loss surgery patients must bring someone with them on the day of surgery to take them home after the procedure.

Follow-Up and Aftercare

Once the weight loss surgery procedure has been performed, the next steps are crucial to ensuring you lose weight safely and effectively. Part of this process involves maintaining regular follow-up appointments and monitoring your progress. After your surgery you will be seen by our bariatric surgery team on a routine basis throughout the year. Adjustments to your gastric band can be made as needed. Members of our staff are available at all times for any issue that may arise after surgery.

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Support Groups

For many people, a strong system of support is often beneficial when making the necessary lifestyle changes that weight loss surgery requires. Town Center Surgery sponsors support groups twice a month where you can interact with other patients and discuss your experiences. You can also talk with people who have successfully lost large amounts of weight resulting from bariatric surgery, and receive assistance and advice on navigating this new path to better health and a slimmer physique. Our program is designed to help you every step of the way, and our commitment is to both your physical and emotional well-being.

The New Diet

iStock_000006827385MediumThe formulation of a new diet is necessary to achieve the full effects, and overall safety, of losing weight after bariatric surgery. Obesity surgery literally changes the way your body ingests food, and as a result, your dietary habits must also change. Since your food intake will be limited after surgery, more nutritious foods and smaller portions will need to be eaten. Our dietary plans typically include high-protein foods with limited carbohydrates and fats. Lots of water and non-carbonated, low-calorie beverages are also recommended. We also generally recommend that your take nutrient and vitamin supplements after surgery, and we ask that you avoid alcohol and smoking as these substances can hinder your progress. You will meet with a dietician who will customize the proper diet for your specific needs.

The New Exercise Regimen

A regular exercise regimen is necessary to help you build muscle and alter your metabolism, which can help you lose weight at an even faster rate. Since the body is consuming fewer calories after weight loss surgery, the likelihood is greater that you will start burning muscle as an alternative to fat – which makes a routine exercise program highly beneficial to keeping a good muscle foundation. Four days a week and 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day is usually what is recommended. Our exercise trainers can customize a program for each patient tailored to your needs so that you can achieve a reasonable amount of exercise without straining your body.

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